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When You Step Up Here's What Happens

We guide members of our communities to achieve their potential through education, to become self-sufficient by earning a stable income, and improve their lives by breaking the cycle. Together, we make a greater impact on creating an educated and thriving community-a community that ensures lasting change. No other organization brings together as many people, in as many ways to solve critical issues in the communities we serve. Please Join Us in LIVING UNITED

Invest into one or more of the following areas:

Community Investment Fund


The United Way of Northern Arizona is investing in the power and potential of successful, resilient youth.  Following are three Community-Inspired initiatives we believe are essential to achieving positive social change and sustainable impact for our youth and our community/

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Positive Youth Development
  • Family Safety and Security

Kindercamp AZ

United Way of Northern Arizona (UWNA) KinderCamp™ program is a targeted intervention school-readiness summer program designed to help children with little or no preschool experience prepare for kindergarten.


Crisis Response


United Way of Northern Arizona (UWNA) continually seeks volunteers to work with local governments, nonprofits and agencies to help alleviate suffering during the most difficult time's communities face.


Dolly Parton's Imagination Library


The Dolly Parton Imagination Library in nurturing a culture of literacy by providing free books to children under the age of 5.





LAUNCH Flagstaff is one of United Way of Northern Arizona (UWNA) partnerships working to advance a culture of equitable access to world-class education for every child, from cradle through career.



The UWNA Endowment Fund was established in 2008. When you make a gift to the endowment fund, you are investing into UWNA's long-term security.  Funds that are directed to the endowment will never be spent, which will grow the principal of the fund overtime. The fund will payout earned interest income in perpetuity annually, which will help those in need for generations.  

Arizona Chartable Tax Credit

Arizona allows you to take a dollar-for-dollar credit on your state taxes when you donate up to $400 for single filers, or $800 for married couples filing jointly to a qualified organization.